Our Process

Your role is simply to participate in design meetings, and to sign the application forms We take care of the rest.

1. Initial consultation/ meeting : View property, qualify the project in terms of existing building, council constraints, budget.

2. Fee proposal/ Acceptance : Following our initial consultation, we provide you with a fee proposal for our services, which includes expert consultants which may include structural engineers, surveyors, geotechnical engineers, aborists.

3. Conduct our site measure and arrange for property survey : We measure your entire house to prepare a set of ‘existing building’ drawings – in plan, elevation and section.

4. Preparation of preliminary design drawings : Incorporating the brief, Council constraints and any opportunities.

5. Design refinement : We review the design of the project together, and make alterations and refine as required.

6. The design is ‘locked in’ : The design drawings form part of the application documents, and once the design is ‘locked-in’ other relevant application documents can be prepared such as –

  •  BASIX
  •  shadow diagrams
  •  waste management plans,
  •  finishes schedules,
  •  Statement of Environmental Effects
  •  Conservation management plan

7. Preparation of development Application documents : The development application form is completed, and all relevant documents are prepared and finalised.

8. Submit the Development Application (to Council) : From here, most Councils conduct a preliminary review of both the scope of the proposal and the documents submitted. The project is allocated to a Town Planner, who is our point of contact for the application. you as the property owner are the nominated applicant, although we request all council correspondence is forwarded to us.

9. Preliminary Development assessment by Council & neighbour notification : The development proposal is ‘notified’ by Council, which invites neighbours to object or raise any concerns regarding the development proposalFollowing the notification period, the Town Planner arranges for a site visit, to view the property, understand the development proposal and also to consider any objection items that were received.

10. Development Application assessment : The Town planner will conduct a full review of the development proposal against Council’s codes and policies and also taking into account any ‘well substantiated’ objections. If there are any items that require modification, additional detail or consideration Council will contact us with these items. We act on your behalf to resolve and respond to such matters.

11. Development Application Determination : The Development Consent/ Determination comprises of two items- a stamped set of approved drawings/ documents and the Development Consent Conditions.The Development Consent conditions are the conditions that the approval is issued with – they are the ‘rule book’ for the Consent/ Approval and all Development Consent Conditions shall be adhered to and addressed as required.

12. Preparation of Construction Certificate : Once the Development Consent is issued, there is a choice of who to proceed with regarding the Construction Certificate- we can EITHER continue with Council, or at this stage call upon the services of a Private Certifying Authority(PCA).The Development Application drawings are ‘worked up’ to form the Construction Certificate drawings, with additional information, notes and detail added
Documents that typically form part of the Construction Certificate Application are:

  • Structural engineering design drawings and certification letter(s)
  •  Specifications
  •  Stormwater engineering design drawings and certification.
  •  Builders Home Warranty Insurance- once the builder has been selected.
  •  Other items as required by the Development Consent Conditions.
  •  Other items as required by the nominated Certifying Authority
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